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Body Composition or Bio impedance Analysis (BIA) is a method of assessing the health status of your body. Maintaining a healthy body composition can help keep your body functioning properly for healthy aging as well as reducing the risk to illness. The purpose of Body Composition is also to monitor and improve your progress as you work towards improving your health.

Our bodies are made up of three main compartments namely :

Body Fat Mass including essential and non essential fat.

Body Fat Free Mass includes organ and tissue mass including bone mass and protein.

Total Body Water including ICW (water inside cells) and ECW (water outside the cells)

Bathroom Scale versus Body Composition

The number you see when you weigh yourself on the bathroom scale is the total sum of

Body fat mass + Fat free mass + Total body water

When you experience a weight loss measured on the weighing scale, how confident are you that you have lost fat mass and not muscle mass or even water.

It is for this reason we can conclude that the weight you measure on your scale is not indicative of how healthy or unhealthy you are.

At times you could have been upset and demotivated to find that your weight has increased instead of decreasing, having followed an exercise regime. The fact is that you could have gained muscle mass and lost fat mass. Since muscle is much heavier than fat your weight showed up as though you have gained weight, where in fact you have lost fat mass. This is a good indicator of working towards your goal of losing fat mass.

The body composition test puts all the guesswork aside. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body water. This can help to measure your progress as you work to improve your health.

Improving your body composition, can help keep your body functioning properly for healthy ageing, reducing the risk of illness.

How does BIA work ?

BIA measures body composition by sending a safe, low electrical current through the body, with just four small adhesive pads. The current moves easily through the fluids and lean tissue, but encounters resistance when moving through fat tissue.

The analyser calculates your tissue and fluid compartments using imperceptible electrical current passed through the pads placed on one hand and foot as you lie comfortably clothed on an exam table. The current measures impedance and reactance of the cells in your body which calculates a large amount of data on your current state of health.

In just minutes, we can have a very accurate measurement to help create an effective personalized program to improve your health status.

Preparing for the test

- Do not consume alcohol for 12 hours before the test

- Do not consume caffeine (coffee, tea, ‘energy’ drinks, soda ) for 8 hrs before the test

- Do not exercise or take a sauna 8 hours before the test.

(Notify your BIA technician if you have engaged in any of the activities listed above)

- Remove any metal and/or magnetic jewellery, therapeutic magnets, communication devices, and cellphone away from the body

- Remove your right shoe and sock or nylon stocking

- Remove any objects from your right wrist and hand

( Notify your BIA technician if you are pregnant or have an implanted medical device)

What happens during the test?

Your height and weight will be measured.

You will be asked to comfortably lie down on the examination table.

Skin will be cleaned with alcohol and 4 electrodes will be placed on the hand and feet.

The BIA will then be measured by sending a safe, low electrical current through the body, with just four small adhesive pads.

This test will be performed using the medically approved Maltron 916S which is calibrated for children, adults, the older population, sports and professional athletes as well as the obese & lean population including ethnicity.

Why is testing in supine (lying down) position preferable ?

A diagnostic, clinically relevant BIA test should be performed with the test person in supine position, aiming at a more uniform distribution of body fluid levels/changes. Avoid movement during testing.

Can the BIA test be performed on children ?

Yes, children too.

Are you at risk of the following?

· Heart disease

· Stroke

· High blood pressure

· High Cholesterol

· Type 2 diabetes

· Certain forms of cancer

· Excess fatigue — which can adversely affect your mood and performance

· Increased susceptibility to infections

Having excessive body fat (even if your weight is normal) would significantly increase your risks of these conditions.

What result parameters will I receive ?


• Dry Weight • Fat % • Fat Mass · Muscle mass • Fat Free Mass % • Body Mass Index

• Resting Metabolic Rate • Target Fat (min / max) % • Target Weight (min / max)

• Target Water (min / max) % • Intracellular/ Extracellular Fluid

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You are worth it !!

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