10000 Steps …. My experience Steptember 2019

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Walking … One of the best forms of aerobic exercise to get in shape and maintain it. It is easy on your body, low impact and free. It can be done anywhere and at any time of the day. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and motivation.

Steptember challenge...walking to good health

The benefits of walking are many, and I as a Nutritionist would have advised most of the people that I have counselled to walk as an exercise. I have seen first hand how people reached their health goals and maintained their weight just by walking. I knew all the positives of walking, though I as an individual never got into actually doing it.

It was only at the start of this year that I realised there could be a problem because I was huffing and puffing just going about doing normal jobs which I could do before with ease. Aches and pains increased and my cholesterol was creeping up very slowly (blood test results). I decided that I had to get into some mode of exercise…and walking was the first and best option for me.

Yes, I needed to walk, but was just not motivated to do so. It was only in September when the 10000 steps challenge was rolled out, that I decided to try it. Along with a few friends I joined a group to take on this challenge to help raise funds for a worthy cause (Cerebral palsy) and at the same time develop a good habit of walking. I definitely knew this would do me good but did not think that I could manage the goal. I am not a walker, but I was under this impression that I walked a lot throughout my day.

I had never before thought of counting the number of steps I take per day and so I decided to do a two day test run before the actual challenge. I used my Samsung health app as my step counter.

Day 1 test run: I was under the impression that I did do a fair bit of walking during the day. As the day progressed, reality set in and I got a shock looking at my phone. It was past 3:00 pm and I had barely done around 3500 steps. I knew, at this point that I had to put plan B in action, only to realise that there was no plan B in place.

All I could think of is that I had to get my steps up. It was cold and rainy outside (Melbourne weather), so going out was not an option. I had to think of something else and the next best was using the treadmill …boring. This was not what I wanted but I thought why not give it a try, and at the same time make it a bit exciting. What I did next I couldn’t believe myself. But it worked.

Crime Petrol, yes, I watched an entire episode of Crime Petrol walking on the treadmill and managed to clock 5500 steps. Was tired, but did well. I completed the day with 9000 steps.

Day 2 Test run: My strategy for day 2 was to achieve about 6000 steps before 4:00 pm. To do this I took the following steps:

  • Parked my car further away

  • Paced while taking phone calls

  • Took the steps instead of the lift

  • Joined with colleagues to take a short 10 min walk at tea and a 20 min walk at lunch

  • Took a walk around the office every 2 hours.

  • Got up and walked wherever and whenever I could.

By 4:00 pm I couldn’t believe that I had completed 7100 steps. This meant just 25 to 30 mins of treadmill to get to the 10000 steps, which I did…,Crime Petrol …very interesting.

And folks in this manner I completed the Steptember challenge 2019.

If it wasn’t for the challenge that motivated me, I guess I wouldn’t have done it. I have never felt so good and healthy, my stamina has increased and I am happy that I am actually doing something for myself. This stepping is going to continue. I always knew the benefits of walking, but never got on to it, and now I am planning for this to be a part of my daily lifestyle.

Click this link for your free download of the benefits of walking as an exercise and steps to take before you begin.

Planning to initiate a "1 Hour Power Walk" Challenge (6000 steps approx) 5 days/ week just for a month to begin with.

Hoping to help you add in this healthy habit of an hour of power walking into your daily schedule. Let it be that time space set aside from your normal daily schedule where you actually commit to doing something good for yourself. Just so that you are aware, we are going into summer and the weather will hopefully be good.

Register through my website yournutritionist.com.au to join the Power walk challenge group which includes nutrition advise and walking instructions.

Leaving you with the thought of achieving your health and fitness goals and improving Body composition just by developing healthy lifestyle habits.

Do this for yourself....you wont regret this....you are worth it.

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