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I, believes that  “to  eat  is  a  necessity,  but  to  eat intelligently  is  an  art" – La  Rochefaucauld.

You are what you eat.”

My Story


I am Dagny Prasad, an Indian dietitian and a Registered practicing Nutritionist RNutr (NSA) Australia.I moved to Australia in 2006 and ever since Melbourne has been my home.

Your Nutritionist ’ was started for fellow Indians living here in Australia. Having lived in New Zealand for 5 years and then here in Australia for more than 13 years, I very well understand firsthand the problems and situations faced by Indians living abroad when it comes to their diet and nutrition. I have realised that Indians settled here in Australia are faced with slightly different dietary challenges which include, finding a dietitian who understands Indian diets and who can prescribe Indian based diet charts with the occasional inclusion of some Western foods.

I started my career as a Clinical Dietitian  at the Breach Candy Hospital and Medical Research Centre in Mumbai, India  and  then as a Chief Dietitian at the Sohar Hospital in Oman. Besides hospital experience I also have community health as well as corporate work place consultation experience.

To add to my dietetic experience I also have Food science qualification and Quality Assurance experience in the Pharmaceutical industry (Soft gel encapsulation and Nutraceuticals) Alpha pharm NZ.

I  provide diet consultation to many patients referred by medical centres around the area, helping them improve and understand their diet and nutrition.

I love to educate and guide people on eating healthy to achieve and maintain a healthy body composition. My favourite concept quote is by “Anne Isabella Thackeray “ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."   

 I prefer to provide the tools people can use to help themselves in making good and practical nutritional choices. I enjoy getting positive feedback from patients after having guided them. This gives me great satisfaction of success as a nutritionist.

I am passionate about supporting and helping people of different Indian cultural backgrounds with their nutritional needs and diet concerns.

YOUR NUTRITIONIST, With you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.